Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments

Native American Career and Technical Education Program

NACTEP is a federally funded program by the US Department of Education to provide Native people the opportunity to pursue higher education and empower them to obtain better employment opportunities. NACTEP provides scholarships to qualifying students to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks Interior Alaska Campus (IAC) distance learning program in a wide range of study areas. To qualify a student must be a tribal member of one of the CATG villages and accepted into one of the 7 NACTEP career pathways.

NACTEP provides student support services to participants to assist them in meeting their educational goals.

Funding to qualifying students for tuition, books and fees.

Academic advising to assist and mentor students in academic choices to obtain degrees.

Academic tutoring to participants in all areas of study, focusing on English and Math.

Career mentoring to provide support, guidance and advice to participants.

Student support seminars to provide:

  • Academic skills development workshops
  • Career skills and job readiness training
  • Leadership development

Julie Biddle, Project Director
[email protected]
(907) 662-7583

Dale Hardy, Student Services
Coordinator/Success Coach
[email protected]
(907) 446-7287

Vicky Thomas, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
(907) 662-6113

For additional information, contact the NACTEP program staff toll-free at 1-866-662-3612, locally at (907) 662-3612, or email [email protected] .