Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments

In the Yukon Flats, those whose memories reach back far enough, speak of a time before others drew lines across the map of their ancient homeland.

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Please call your local clinic to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination today.

⚠️ For emergencies, please call 907-662-2462 or 1-800-478-7425. If you are unable to reach these numbers please call 911⚠️

YFHC – Fort Yukon, 1-800-478-7425 or 907-662-2460
Nora Billy Clinic – Beaver, 907-628-6228
Nena Russell Clinic – Arctic Village, 907-587-5229
Mrya Roberts Clinic – Venetie , 907-849-8712


CATG offers many health services including Primary Care, Dental, Diagnostic Services and Radiology, Pharmacy, Tele-Medicine, and more.

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CATG provides a Type 2 wildland firefighting crew in the Upper Yukon Zone with assembly points in Fort Yukon, Venetie, and Arctic Village.

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CATG offers many employment opportunities in the career fields of Natural Resources, Education and Health Services.

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