As of 12:00 p.m., on March 18, 2020, CATG is taking precautionary measures to reduce services provided to essential core medical and behavioral health services, supportive and essential programs. CATG is developing plans to have as many employees as possible continue their work from home until further notice. We are asking employees to practice patience and flexibility as this is uncharted territory for CATG and we will be figuring this out together. Directors will be working with their programs (including village based staff) to ensure that all needs are being addressed as efficiently as possible.

CATG would like to thank our communities for their support as we navigate this challenging period and when possible, we will resume full services.

Thank you.

Kevin Theonnes
Executive Director – CATG

In the Yukon Flats

Those whose memories reach back far enough speak of a time before others drew lines across the map of their ancient homeland. They recall a strong, self-sufficient people who, by their own hard work, intelligence, cooperation and sense of community, provided decent livings for their families. They speak of Elders knowledgeable in the traditions of the people, the ways of the animals, and the nature of the land, Elders who joined with strong chiefs to provide guidance and leadership.