Natural Resources

“…active land management, environmental protection, and implementation of indigenous research…”

Who We Are

Those whose memories reach back far enough speak of a time before others drew lines across the map of their ancient homeland. They recall a strong, self-sufficient people who, by their own hard work, intelligence, cooperation and sense of community, provided decent livings for their families. They speak of Elders knowledgeable in the traditions of the people, the ways of the animals, and the nature of the land, Elders who joined with strong chiefs to provide guidance and leadership.

What We Do

The core functions of the department are to participate in the active management of traditional land use areas, document traditional land use areas for preservation and conservation efforts, participate in regulatory processes to ensure traditional and customary use practices are protected, stimulate economic opportunity through active participation in land use, produce original research and use education tools for building local capacity at all levels.