Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments
P.O. Box 33

Fort Yukon, AK 99740

Dorothea Adams,
Acting Executive Director
Operations Director
Phone: (907) 662-7511

Rebecca Fisher, Gwich'in Heritage Project Director
Phone: (907) 628-6275

Joshua Niemuth, IT Manager
Phone: (907)622-7512


Melinda Peter, Health Director
Yukon Flats Health Center

Debra McCarty, Clinic Director
Yukon Flats Health Center

(800) 478-7425 (SICK) or (907) 662-2460
Fax: (907) 662-2709

Nadine Carroll, Grants & Compliance Manager​
(907) 662-5177


Shannon Hardy, Early Head Start Program Director
Phone: (800) 764-3267 or (907) 662-7579
Fax: (907) 662-3278

Natural Resources

Bruce Thomas, Natural Resources Director
Phone: (800) 478-2667 or (907) 662-7588
Fax: (907) 662-3047

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