For emergencies, please call 907-662-2462 or 1-800-478-7425.

Who We Are

The Fort Yukon Dental Clinic is a full feature dental office located in the Yukon Flats Health Center and is staffed by one Dentist, one Dental Health Aide Therapists (DHAT) and one Dental Assistants. The CATG dental office provides a wide variety of dental care through the Indian Health Services (IHS) program. A Dentist can diagnose dental disease, fill teeth, root canals, crowns, and perform surgical procedures.

The DHAT works under the supervision of the CATG dentist and their main goal is to provide dental prevention service in the community. They can do exams, cleanings, fluoride; fill teeth, routine extractions, stainless steel crowns. In addition to our DHAT we have a team of Dental Assistant that assist the provider during patient care, x-rays, sterilizes instruments and makes the dental visit more enjoyable for the patient.

Dental Work

If it has been more than six months since you have seen a dentist we would love to be the one stop shop for all your dental needs. At the CATG dental office we can provided routine cleanings, crowns, fillings and surgical procedures. Crowns, bridges, dentures, prosthetics, certain root canals, and braces are NOT provided as a fully paid treatment by the Indian Health Service but CATG chooses to provide most of these services at a reduced cost to our beneficiaries.

CATG has a sliding fee scale based on income to assist with any cost not covered by IHS.

As commitment to our elders we provide free dentures anyone 65 and older.


If you have a dental emergency you may walk-in to the Yukon Flats Health Center in Fort Yukon between Monday- Friday 8:00 A.M.- 3:30 P.M