Behavorial Health

For emergencies, please call 907-662-2462 or 1-800-478-7425.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote healing, personal growth, and healthy living for the individual, family, and community.

Who We Are

Yukon Flats Behavioral Health is a small community program with a small staff. Staff members are direct service providers that include Behavioral Health Aides (BHAs) in the villages, a Master’s level behavioral health clinician located in Fort Yukon, and a licensed Clinical Supervisor. Services are provided in a generalist tradition, with each staff member providing a range of services within the scope of his or her training expertise. The steadfast commitment of the Behavioral Health Program team continually works to develop culturally appropriate treatment options for the CATG communities.

Who We Serve

We offer services to individuals with alcohol and other drug disorders, severe and persistent mental illness, emotional, behavioral disorders, and co-occurring disorders. We also offer services to families and couples who need assistance. We see adults (ages 18 or older), and refer youth (ages 17 years or younger), in Fort Yukon and villages within the CATG’s service area. Clients are seen based on their individual needs and preferences.

The Behavioral Health Program will discharge from services those clients that attempt to use tobacco on site or that bring in illegal drugs, weapons, and/or contraband items. Any violation of organization policy may result in the restriction or suspension of services, re-engagement of services will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Our program does not employ the use of seclusion or restraints on clients.


BH Staff respect the confidentiality rights of clients receiving services. All behavioral health services provided and written information are confidential as required by state and federal laws as well as YFBH policy. Sometimes family members or other community members may volunteer information about you. YFBH may listen, but unless you’ve given written permission, information about you will not be shared with anyone except under the following general conditions:

  • information from records as requested through a valid court order naming a specific individual
  • child abuse or abuse of a vulnerable adult as identified or suspected
  • state of emergency that requires disclosure of information to medical personnel
  • if you threaten to harm someone

When you become a client of CATG Behavioral Health Services, we promise to protect your right to confidentiality according to the laws of the State of Alaska. Ordinarily, you can be assured that neither the fact that you are in treatment with our agency nor any of the information you share with us will be disclose to another person or agency without your consent. However, confidentiality is not an “absolute” You should be aware of the limits of confidentiality.

Treatment Team: Access to information in your chart is limited to those employees whose job duties require that access. Your therapist does participate in regular supervision sessions and in integrated medical and behavioral health conferences. Your case may be discussed with the treatment team in order that we may provide the best possible care for you.

Risk: If you are assessed as being a danger to yourself or others, we may share your information in order to access appropriate care for you. Threats to harm another person may result in our issuing a warning to that person as well as the proper authorities.

Child or Elder Abuse or Neglect: All mental health professionals are mandated reporters of suspected child or elder abuse or neglect. If we suspect that you are abusing or neglecting a child or elderly person, we are required to report this to the State authorities.

For Court-Ordered Clients Due to Criminal Charges: The Court or Probation/Parole Department which referred you here asks us to inform them if you have called us for an appointment and if you are participating in or have completed treatment. If you have failed to make or keep an initial appointment, the legal system will be informed. Once you become a client of our agency, we will ask you to sign a limited Release of Information so we can let the legal system know that you are cooperating in your treatment. If more detailed information is requested, you will be asked to sign a more comprehensive release.

Court Orders for Disclosure: Rarely, courts may order that your records be disclosed to the Court.

Crimes Committed on Agency Premises: Any information about a crime committed by a client either at the program or against any person who works for the program will be reported to the proper authorities.


The clients who have the most success at CATG understand what they can expect from us-and in turn, what we will expect from them.

What you can expect from us:

  • To treat you with respect and dignity.
  • To honor our word.
  • To be sensitive to your preferences and strengths.
  • To maintain appropriate professional boundaries with you.
  • To accurately and professional document the services we provide to you.
  • To consult with a clinical supervisor when needed to provide you with the most competent treatment.
  • To practice only in the areas of our competence.
  • To provide fair and equitable practices free from discrimination.
  • To provide services that are free from abuse and neglect.
  • To honor your rights and privacy and keep you informed of your rights.
  • To welcome the chance to discuss any concerns or problems you have.
  • To value your input and feedback.
  • To work collaboratively with you to create an individual treatment and transitions plan.
  • To work with you toward the goals you set with us.
  • To work collaboratively with you to create a discharge plan as you leave services.
  • To maintain our knowledge and expertise by participating in education and training.
  • To keep our facilities and services safe, including regular safety drills, and clear evacuation routes.
  • To follow all legal business practices, by the code of ethics of CATG and of our profession (We’d be happy to share our full Code of Ethics policy, just ask.)
  • To follow all financial policies and procedures.
  • To be clear about our marketing or advertising or other data and information.
  • To assure you and all clients benefit from services, we may ask clients to leave the premises if they are found to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or acting in an unsafe way.
What we expect from you:
  • To actively participate in services, including working with us to create a plan that will guide our services.
  • To share information that will help us provide the right care in the right amount, including updated contact information when you move or change phone numbers.
  • To follow our safety guidelines, including not bringing weapons, drugs, or alcohol into our sites, and not being under the influence of substances or alcohol when we meet with you.
  • To avoid using tobacco products in our sites or during service provision in the community.
  • To let us know of any concerns you have, so we may help resolve them.

Client Rights

Before you begin treatment, we are obligated to explain your rights and responsibilities to you.

You have the right to:

  • Request and receive information about your provider’s professional capabilities, including license status, education, experience, specialization, and limitations.
  • Have written information about fees, method of payment, insurance reimbursement, number of sessions authorized, emergency contact procedures, and cancellation policies before beginning treatment.
  • Receive respectful treatment and respond in a respectful way to your providers.
  • A safe environment free from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Likewise, you are expected not to participate in any emotional, physical or sexual abuse towards other clients or your provider.
  • Ask questions about your treatment.
  • Request that your counselor inform you of your progress.
  • Know the limits of confidentiality.
  • Refuse a particular type of treatment without fear of retribution or harassment. If you are court-ordered to a particular type of treatment, the court will be notified.
  • Refuse audio recordings, photography, and video recordings of your sessions.
  • Request and receive a summary of your file.
  • Report unethical or illegal behaviors by your provider without retaliation. If you make false reports against your provider, you may be discharged from treatment.
  • Receive a second opinion at any time about your treatment.
  • Submit a formal written or verbal grievance, or expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, regarding your health care services.


Behavioral Health offers Mental Health Assessments by a qualified clinician, Integrated Behavioral Health Assessments that include both Mental Health and Substance Use, and Substance Use Only Assessments (which my be done by BHAs). Placement into treatment or other services may be determined by the Clinical Team comprised of the Licensed Supervising Clinician, currently a licensed Psychologist, and the BH Master’s level Clinician.


Substance abuse, emotional or mental health problems can generally be determined through a brief screening. Individuals who screen positive for any of these problems of trauma can be referred to appropriate services.

Brief Intervention

For those at risk due to their substance use or current emotional health we offer brief in-person sessions or telephone calls. Identifying behaviors that put individuals at risk and helping them minimize those behaviors is the primary goal of brief interventions.

Prevention Programs

The Behavioral Health department primarily focuses on offering prevention and educational activities around drug & alcohol prevention, suicide prevention, and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. Programs are offered to both the area schools and to the CATG communities.


The Behavioral Health program can assist you in obtaining a referral for more intensive treatment, including inpatient substance abuse treatment, with organizations located in Fairbanks and in other parts of the State.

Village Based Services

Many of our services are provided by BHAs who reside in the village. Clinical services may be offered and received through video-teleconferencing with the licensed clinical psychologist on staff. BHAs receive training through UAF’s Rural Human Services Program.


To submit a formal written or verbal grievance regarding your behavioral health care services, please call (907) 662-2460 or submit to Clinic Director, CATG, P.O. Box 309, Fort Yukon, Alaska 99740. Client complaints will be reviewed within 2 business days and resolved within 2 weeks whenever possible to the satisfaction of both the aggrieved individual and the service provider. A written response will be provided to the patient within 30 days.

The Yukon Flats Health Center also provides a suggestion box in its lobby.

If you have a need that is not indicated here, please contact our office at (907) 662-7545 to talk with our BH staff about options available to you.


If you have a dental emergency you may walk-in to the Yukon Flats Health Center in Fort Yukon between Monday- Friday 8:00 A.M.- 3:30 P.M