Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments


Pre-Employment Testing & Qualifications to be Hired

CATG is in the process of updating the CATG job bank. If you are interested in working temporarily or looking for full or part-time employment, please provide an updated application to the Human Resources Department.

Minimum requirements – must have High School Diploma or GED and must pass a pre-employment drug screen.

CATG is Looking for Candidates for the Following Positions
Arctic Village

EHS Home Visitor

Behavioral Health Aide Trainee


No job openings at this time.

Fort Yukon

Addiction Recovery Technician

Behavioral Health Program Coordinator

EHS Home Visitor

Administration Assistant

Itinerant Community Health Aide
Community Health Aide

Family Advocate – Part Time

CATG Employment Application

The CATG employment application can be used to provide your information for the CATG talent bank or to apply for a specific job. There are two options for completing the form. Fill out the online application OR download a PDF version of the application form to print, fill out and return via email or physical mail.


The application form is lengthy (4 total pages). Please have all of your information prepared and ready to enter before beginning and ensure that you have adequate time to complete the whole application in one sitting. If you leave the application and come back, you will have to start from the beginning.


Download, print, and fill out the application. Then, email or return by mail to:

Andrea Peter, Human Resources Director
PO Box 33
Fort Yukon, Alaska 99740
(907) 662-7534
[email protected]