CATG is currently looking for candidates for the following positions:

Behavioral Health Aide Trainee- Venetie position closes December 16, 2019

YGS Project Support Specialist Fort Yukon, position closes December 16, 2019

Behavorial Health Project Facilitator Fort Yukon, open until filled

Village Clinic Receptionist- Venetie open until filled

Executive Director Fort Yukon, open until filled

Community Health Aide- Venetie open until filled

Family Advocate- Fort Yukon , position open until filled

EHS Program Manager Fort Yukon, open until filled

Family Advocate- Arctic Village open until filled

Behavioral Health Aide Trainee – Arctic Village open until filled

Family Advocate- Part time, Venetie– open until filled

Midlevel Provider – Fort Yukon, open until filled


If interested, please download our Employment Application and email or return by mail to:

Andrea Thomas, Human Resources Manager
PO Box 33
Fort Yukon, Alaska 99740
(907) 662-7534