For emergencies, please call 907-662-2462 or 1-800-478-7425


“…CHA/Ps provide primary healthcare,… including preventive, acute, chronic, and emergency care to residents.”

Who We Are

Within the Yukon Flats Region, CATG operates five clinics located in: Arctic Village, Beaver, Birch Creek, Fort Yukon, and Venetie. The clinics in Arctic Village, Beaver, Birch Creek, and Venetie are staffed by CHAs and/or Medical Office Assistants with periodic visits by mid-level providers, such as, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. CATG is committed to staffing our remote village clinics with a minimum of two CHA/Ps and continues recruitment to achieve this goal.

CHA/Ps can receive a total of six levels of training over a two to three-year period beginning with online Pre-Session and completion at the practitioner level. Each session of training is unique and offers the CHA/P advancement in skills and knowledge. All CHA/Ps are required to maintain state certification and attend courses in continuing medical education. In addition, all CHA/Ps employed by CATG are trained at a minimum as Emergency Trauma Technicians.

What We Do

The Community Health Aide/Practitioner (CHA/P) is an important member of the healthcare team in the rural communities of Alaska. The CHA/P is often a patient’s first contact with the healthcare system. Working under the collaborative supervision of the Medical Director, CHAP Director, and Village Council, CHA/Ps provide primary healthcare, within given limits of their level of training, including preventive, acute, chronic, and emergency care to residents of an assigned village within the region governed by CATG.