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“…Yukon Flats is known to have some of the best wild land firefighters in the country…”

Emergency Firefighter Training Program

The Yukon Flats is known to have some of the best wild land firefighters in the country. Through a self-governance agreementwith the BLM Alaska Fire Service (AFS) the CATG Natural Resources Department provides Emergency Firefighter (EFF) Testing & Training in the Upper Yukon Zone.

The agreement showcases the Alaska Fire Services commitment to government to government relationships and building capacity of Yukon Flats Tribal Governments. The annual funding agreement between AFS and CATG is currently the first, and currently only, self-governance agreement between a Tribal Organization and the BLM Fire division.

The training provided through this agreement is essential for the firefighters to be called out for the fire season. The training keeps EFF’s up to date with CPR and red cards and fills the basic requirements to go firefighting. In addition to the basic requirements we provide specialized multi-day training to further develop our firefighting work force.

By investing in our workforce this self-governance agreement is stimulating our local economy and building a better future for our Tribal Members. The relationship and commitment between CATG and BLM is considered the most successful and positive relationship between a Tribal organization and a federal agency.

Spring 2021 Wildland Fire Science Courses

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